Public participation is critical to the success of this project. Omni-Means will conduct a series of public workshops and smaller focus group workshops with the community and Downtown stakeholder groups. Additionally, the Shasta County Public Health Department will assist in our outreach efforts by involving traditionally underrepresented populations, including low-income and senior residents in and around Downtown. Preparation of the Downtown Redding Transportation Plan will rely heavily on a comprehensive public participation process. The following are brief descriptions of the community involvement and outreach efforts so far:

Sept. 16th Update

September 26, 2014. Downtown bike ride with representatives of Shasta Living Streets and Shasta Wheelmen. October 9, 2014. project Kick-Off Event at the Cascade Theatre. Premier viewing of the KIXE video, “Redding, Set, Go.” Viva Downtown introduced the City’s Downtown Redding Transportation Plan project and Omni-Means, City, and Caltrans staff gave presentations. October...

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