Community Workshop Number 2: September 24th, 2015

The second of two planned community workshops was held on Thursday, September 24, in the Atrium at the south end of the Market Street Promenade.  The Consultant Team of Omni-Means, Design Workshop and Trilogy Architecture gave a Powerpoint presentation of proposed recommendations to the City based on feedback received at the first workshop held on March 25, as well as ongoing discussions with City staff.  The recommendations addressed five key focus areas:  Promenade/Mall Streets; Traffic Circulation; Pedestrian/Bicycles; Parking; and Transit.  About 100 people attended the workshop.

Second Community Workshop Powerpoint Presentation

Following the Powerpoint presentation, the audience was invited to talk to consultants and staff in more detail about the proposed recommendations.  Breakout stations focusing on Promenade/Mall Streets, Traffic Circulation, Pedestrian/Bicycles, Parking and Transit were set up for more direct interaction and discussion of the details.  Participants were encouraged to complete comment cards and leave them with the consultant team for input into the final recommendations to the City.

Presentation Boards for the Second Community Workshop

The Downtown Redding Transportation Plan is far from complete.  The input received at the second community workshop will be analyzed and help form the basis of the final recommended plan to the City.  The public is still invited to provide input into the plan via the project website or through the public hearing process before the City Planning Commission and CIty Council.  The Consultants are now working to finalize the report for presentation to the Redding Planning Commission in January 2016.  A second Planning Commission meeting may occur in March 2016.  Finally, City Council acceptance is anticipated in May 2016.

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Second Community Workshop Comment Card Responses

Promenade/Mall Streets: Traffic Circulation: Pedestrian/Bicyclists: Parking: Transit: Other:

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IMG_6210 IMG_6209 IMG_6207

Community Workshop Number 1: March 25th, 2015

The first of two planned Community Workshops was held on Wednesday, March 25, in the Atrium at the south end of the Market Street Promenade. Consultants from Omni-Means and Design Workshop gave a Powerpoint presentation to share downtown transportation ideas and concepts based on feedback received from over two dozen stakeholder group meetings and from interested individuals over the past five months. About 80 people were polled about their support for a variety of design ideas in four major categories, including: downtown traffic circulation (including converting one-way streets to two-way); bicycle connections between downtown and the Sacramento River Trail and Turtle Bay/Civic Auditorium; reintroducing streets into The Promenade; and Downtown parking.

Community Workshop Powerpoint Presentation.

DSCN1566  DSCN1558 DSCN1554DSCN1556

During the workshop participants were able to provide feedback thru keypad polling. Following the Powerpoint presentation, the audience was invited to participate in more detailed discussions about the topics with consultants and City staff. Breakout stations focusing on four key areas included: Mall/Promenade Streets; Traffic Circulation; Parking; and Pedestrians/Bicyclists. Large display boards illustrating key design concepts were presented, including: a roundabout at the intersection of  West Cypress and Pine Street; full or partial closure of Riverside Drive to accommodate a bicycle/pedestrian trail connection to the Sacramento River at Dieselhorst Bridge; extension of the Dana to Downtown Trail along the south side of the Redding Memorial Park Cemetery to Continental Street; conceptual street extensions through the Market Street Promenade and potential conversion of existing one way streets to two way streets. In addition to keypad polling, participants were invited to provide “sticky note” comments on the display boards and also submit comment cards at the end of the workshop. Comment card responses and “sticky note” comments are summarized below.

Breakout Station Display Boards

Community Workshop Number 1: March 25th, 2015

“Sticky Note” Comments

Promenade/Mall Streets: Traffic Circulation: Pedestrians/Bicyclists: Parking:

Comment Card Responses

Promenade/Mall Streets: Traffic Circulation: Pedestrians/Bicyclists: Parking: Transit:    

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The next community workshop will include more refined design solutions for discussion prior to presentation to the Redding Planning Commission.

A special “Thank You” to Kris Visconti and the Girl Scouts who served refreshments, including their wonderful cookies!