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The final approved Downtown Redding Transportation Plan is now available!

At it’s meeting on December 6, 2016, the Redding City Council unanimously accepted the final Downtown Redding Transportation Plan.  The plan will now be incorporated into the update of the Downtown Redding Specific Plan.  The Omni-Means team would like to thank all of the stakeholder organizations, property and business owners, and interested individuals for helping to create a dynamic guide to providing a transportation system that honors all modes of travel and supports a sustainable, livable, and economically vibrant Downtown.

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Click me to Download the PowerPoint presentation to the Planning Commission on November 9.

Click me to Download the PowerPoint presentation to the City Council on December 6.

Downtown Redding is the most urban area of the City and features the most accommodating zoning and development policies regarding density and mixed land uses. The City’s Intermodal Facility is located within a half-mile of the entire Downtown area and provides service for the Redding Area Bus Authority, as well as many other transit service providers. Downtown, however, suffers from a lack of connectivity both to streets within the core area (due to the closure of Butte, Yuba, and Market Streets with the construction of the Downtown Mall in the 1960s) and to the City’s extensive trail network along the Sacramento River. In September 2014, the City of Redding hired Omni-Means to prepare the Downtown Redding Transportation Plan. Funding for this project is in the form of a state Community-Based Transportation Program grant with additional financial participation from the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency. Additionally, Shasta County Public Health and the City of Redding will provide staff time to the project, which is expected to take one year to complete.



For the Downtown Redding Transportation Plan, Omni-Means will:

  • Explore the potential for reopening Market, Yuba, and Butte Streets through the Market Street Promenade. Reopening one or more of these streets to through traffic would increase both public visibility of businesses within the Market Street Promenade and parking opportunities.
  • Plan for a more walkable and bikeable Downtown and create a strong bicycle and pedestrian link between Downtown and Redding’s extensive trail network along the Sacramento River. The Plan will compliment and continue the “Dana to Downtown” trail connection improvements, as well as the potential future trail extension to Downtown from the Diestelhorst Bridge.
  • Consider and make recommendations for encouraging transit use to and from Downtown.
  • Develop a parking strategy including replacing the Downtown parking structure, increasing on-street parking, addressing the need for parking meters and time zones, and identifying a funding strategy to implement the recommendations.
  • Evaluate opportunities to create “green streets” including adding street trees and capturing storm water runoff.
  • Provide a funding and implementation strategy including looking at how to leverage private, regional, and state funds.
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